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Pimp His Educational Blog

Must be interesting to be called to participate in a recognized Magazine as is the case with Alexander Russo who's moving his blog from Blogspot to Edweek.org. That's the best gift a blogger can receive for Christmas or New Year! Congratulations Alex.

The phenomenon of Social networking could be better understood if we pay attention to the next big shot; while we bloggers are using laptops o maybe desktops, teens are way ahead. They are already using a different system of communication: phones, PSPs, iPods and other devices! Should we Network once but socialize anywhere?

If you are still not being listed in Google them please pay attention to Rose DesRochers and what she has to say about getting your blog listed in Google Blog search.

I guess you've missed this one. Yes, Gmail is now a Mail Fetcher. In other words, you are now able to read your e-mails from inside your Gmail account up to five POP3 accounts. The bad thing is not yet enabled in all Gmail accounts!

Before I go, please do not forget to visit and read the lecture of Wesley Fryer. A must if you are a parent or an educator.

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