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Does Google Punish Web Pages With More Than 100 Links on the Same Page?

Let me put this straight up. I am promoting the GoMeme 4.0 on a Spanish page known as UBH and someone wrote a comment where the person says Google may be punishing me for having too many links on the same page, which means the GoMeme have gone over two hundred members. Any ideas from your own experiences or any tip about it?

I've following the Ecuadorian blogosphere for a while and I couldn't find relevant information -at least to me- and I couldn't see also David Sasaki pick anything from the Ecuadorian blogosphere. Could it be that I and GVO are both wrong or it is only a matter of other issues? Let's see what's going on.

There is a southern Ecuadorian blogger that is working hard to keep the local bloggers kicking, he is a very well informed person and if you are well prepared to talk about Mac's then Carlos Correa is the right person!

I guess I've already mentioned this blog in other posts but today he's trying to show to us a new way to leave voice comments in our blogs. You better take a look at Library Clips.

Thanks to the great Ramani, Education & Tech (former bple) has another face, I am still working to make little changes and what I've learned today is the NEO design is not compatible with the Table of Contents proposed by Hans. Maybe our new fried from Blogger Hacked can lend us a handing help to solve this matter. Or perhaps Aditya Mukherjee who, by the way, had just updated his Native Blog Search. Kudos!

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