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NEO for Education & Tech and a Revamp for This Site

First of all, I hope you had a very Happy Holidays! This blog has been set quiet during these days because of the celebrations but also for the changes we have decided to implement beginning this 2007. As you can see we were using Neo, an asynchronous design used and promoted for Ramani. What you can see in education & tech from now on is a single post on the front page, and an additional navigation kind of OutlooK on the left side, where you can access our most recent posts but also lookout for the most frequent categories. We are still working to give a better quality of information and keep you updated as quickly as possible.

The other big change in New Year is the change of language in which we are going to publish. I love Cervantes language and do love the Spanish language (do not forget that this is my first language as well) but the Web conditions make me take this no easy decision. So excuses for all my readers who usually comes looking for information in Spanish. You still can get it using the Translation icons just in the outer left column and of course, I will gladly answer your question and comments in Spanish if you want to. But from now on this forme BPLE changes its voice and language to English, as well as its home name: Education & Tech.

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