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Latin America Blogroll

Thanks to GVO it just came to our knowledge a project, which is headed by the Mexican Ricardo Carreon. He's trying to group throughtout a Blogroll at least a number of thirty blogs written by Latin Americans, your blog should cover Latin American issues and for any reason you think are qualified, please go to this post, drop a comment which among other things require: Name of Blog, URL, Brief description and why are you interested in join in?

There is a lot of buzz about Edwars candidacy for running next american elections, some people are starting to think of him as the new JFK?

No news. However it seems like PayPay hits hard in the ecommerce after their venturous Virtual Card. If you still want to give it a try, it's all about you but do not forget the issues generated with this popular online paysite!

Finally, Google Blog Search for the very first time goes over the normal traffic gotten for Technorati and Sphere, separately.

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  1. Hola Tonnet! Que ha pasado aquí? Es todo un lío, y aparte todo en ingles, estás haciendo reformas?
    Bueno solo pesé a desearte un muy Feliz Año Nuevo!! Que lo pases bien!
    Un saludo

  2. Lo siento K-nelita, The Maid went out of Town!

    Feliz Anio para ti tambien