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Social matters Makes U.S. front Runner in Tech.

I am delighted Scoble picked on GVO and not precisely for tech endeavors but because an article from an iranian blogger, where in Scoble opinion the U.S. will remain up front in technology while such governments mistreat their citizens!

And I've already spoken about Palast and this post confirms what the petrolium money can do. All the almost three thousand army soldiers dead only to justify the control over the iraqui petrolium. Hold on! Not only iraquies but venezuelan are damn well!

If you need to follow the convresation of certain bloggers or journalist then you shouldn't forget about pmeme neither the new RSS without the HTML.

A while long I've sign to Ziki and right now they try to catch your attention, they allow you to post content. Great!

We are around the end of 2006 and the list and directories of Best Blogs are on the raising. The 10 Best Spanish Blogs listed by Esquizopedia and the classical Weblog Awards 2006. But unfotunately we don't belong to the very select network, maybe some day...

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