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Socialnetworking: The Teens case

PEW just released the results of their investigations and if not much surprises at least we are not absolutely sure the new generation has a different way to interact socially, no only in College but in their daily activities. Females are more likely to use social sites, 55% of teens have created a profile, -MySpace dominates- . Interesting point - teens seem to understand privacy fairly well, with 66% limiting access to their profiles- But what about adults on a daily basis also creates new profiles?

I am not sure if I will be able to put in my post those little smile buttons but for those who like it then please give proper credit to Aditya and follow the instructions created for another good blogger Deepak. Enjoy!

I've tried many Chat systems those that are easily incorporated in you blog. You'd have heard about Meebo y Plugoo but Hector Russo just found another interesting service inCircles(Alpha).

I'd been watching last night the series The geek and the Beauty and I was laughing at myself how the smart people think so differently that normal people (to call normal any girl around). Why this? Well, it seems to me people needs to pay a little bit of attention to the quality of information we are getting it and to me one of the best ways is to read a book, not only Freakonomics as those participants were suggested but books that change your mind whether to be better or at least start thinking in a wide range of possibilities. What are your most influential books you've ever read?

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