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The State of Latin America Blogosphere

Thanks to GVO I had the pleasure to read the English Blog of Alvaro Ramírez Ospina who has been tagged in other occasions in this blog. Now comes handy with an analysis of what's going on with the Spanish bloggers and their 'national' conception of Latin blogosphere. Whoever interested in the development of blogs should be read his post which among other things says:
I plan to continue observing and studying the way blogs have been adopted by the Spanish speaking communities around the world, composed mainly of people from the old Spanish Empire, their old colonies in Latin America, and the diasporas of people who have emigrated from their home lands but keep using their mother tongue in blogs. Many things are happening and tracking their rapid evolution is not an easy task. The rewards can be fruitful in many areas of society, especially in the field of education, where these formats and tools are showing their dynamic potential.

Kudos Alvaro and a Happy New Year from Spanish Readers Blog -BPLE

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