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Wanna Be Heard

I know, I know. The title should be Want to be heard? Allow once in a while to break the rules. Moving at Speed of Creativity brings back a post from Stephen Downes where he wrote about how to attract readers to your blog. That post was written back in 2005 but we still can pick up good substance about writing first to change yourself, then to change your world. Jesus was right on the money when he addressed that issue about 2000 years ago.(Cit. by Wesley Fryer).

Blogs are a window where everyone can show his house if not his family or even their very own personality. Being that kind of crystal cage I guess everyone should learn about blogs the same way as we are taught in school about how to speech and a way of do it properly. No all blogger are looking for prestige but I deeply believe all human being per nature loves to live in society, in groups, where they are able to interact in order to accomplish their objectives, wishes, envision a family or even keep their digital signature of ADN. It is important to get readers then, Steve Jobs a PR guru is paving our way up.

Darren Rowse step a little further and makes a list of 23 points which can be summarized in five steps (the others are also important but these are very uncommon to read about):
1. Join Forums:be active in discussion forums related to your blog topic; 2) Persist: Persistence is key; 3) Ask Questions of Other Bloggers:ask questions of other moderately successful bloggers and try to network 4) Guest Bloggers:invite other bloggers to guest blog and allow always one link back to their site; 5) Pitch Your Posts:reach out to bloggers using tactics successfully employed in the world of professional media relations.

I going to leave not without a recommendation. Please read this Spanish blog which is dedicated to publish everything about tutorials. The author is a programmer with little steps in the Web Design field. Visit El rincón de los tutoriales.

Did you know about the last policies in Flickr? If not, go to Thomas Hawk's blog and participate or follow the thread!

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  1. Thanks to all bloggers who drop by and leave comments. That's why blogging is so touching and warm!

  2. Thank's TonNet, by the connection to the tutorials, did not know that blog and it seems to me well interesting. Kisses, from the other side of the pool.. (Madrid)(Spain)

    My English is very bad, I feel it! :D