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Theory of Blogging

Even when Blogger sucks today at least after like four times to try, I've got to publish today's post.

Ken Smith came up with this idea. Please pay attention of what your reading is and not only summarize but synthesize and generate new ideas. See for yourself what his Theory is
1) Somebody creates a new tool or technique, such as blogging. In time, 2) some people realize that it is powerful, and 3) they make it a way of life for themselves as individuals, 4) then as members of a small community. 5) As the community grows, 6) a culture is created, 7) which solidifies the power in the lives of many people, 8) even if they are still a small portion of a wider society.

You can also check and vote for few but destacated blogs, why not?. This is the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards. Please, Pinch In, before is too late!

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