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Academic Work Without Google

This comes from a personal experience dealing with written articles on the Web . Nobody asks for help anymore.  Kids don't think they need help when they've got Google or Wikipedia. Their searches are over.

Diana Day  on Getting kids off Google.

"It worked like a charm. Suddenly, students were asking for help. (Of course, they also asked why they couldn't simply use Google.) But the teacher and I held on, demonstrated advanced search techniques and helped the students improve the precision of their keywords. When they located articles, we helped them skim the material and judge whether the information was appropriate for the assignment. A-ha! Research skills, taught in context. What a concept."

"Now, I'm not saying the kids loved being limited to an online database with an unfamiliar -- and sometimes wonky -- search interface.  But I am saying that the experience forced them to become more strategic searchers." (underlined is ours)

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