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Big Daddy to Track Social Networks

I happened to visit ebiquity and found a post from Tim Finin, where he says the American Government if funding the Rutgers Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science in order to keep an eye over all online social networks, looking for potential terrorist activity.
Among the initial projects are two involving social media. One will study the problem of analyzing large, dynamic multigraphs that arise from blogs. Another will develop algorithms for identifying hidden social structures in virtual communities with a goal of finding hidden groups, coalitions and leaders by non-semantic analysis of large communication networks.
American Senator Murphy (Illinois) has a blog as everybody else but what brings our attention is the projects he's working on, especially the SJRCA18 that has to be with the safety of our kids, protecting them against online predators at public libraries and schools. Yesterday, after I watched Lockup I've started rethinking about our own safety not from outsiders but those detainees all around U.S.

This has nothing to do with current politics but beliefs. I am a catholic and hope not offend nobody of my readers being a roman catholic confessed but what TIME magazine holds is critical for all those millions of catholics worldwide. If Jesus and his family have been founded dead in their graves in Israel then, Christianity become an empty vessel! Why? Because there is not Resurrection, the myth of all Christians.

Please allow me to go back to my home country, how come a company can make money with such a high pay in OT to the management only and not to the people who really do the Service? Alt1040 put his finger on Pacifictel and says $ 3.71 millions were paid as over time! My God! Besides, between the 2003 and 2007 the Ecuadorean telecommunication's company (Pacifictel) had eight CEO's and that during such a period those directives rose their salary 977 times! Want to invest in Ecuador? You're just in time. God Bless President Correa.

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