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Learning 2.0: Learners of all ages are discovering the amazing power of publishing formats like blogs

I haven't writing very much and I won't in the next days to come. I am into something new in my daily business. I am not an engineer but I have to master autoCAD and Bryce just because of my duties in the QC Dept. where I am working right now. Does anybody knows the shortest and easiest way of learning those applications? You will help a lot!

Not being able to take a trip to educational blogs let me introduce you to some topics of your interest. It seems that we need to get deep on some definitions and concepts related to foundation technology. As many educators are proclaiming themselves adepts to the value of openness...but are predominantly using closed tools. Or as Elearnspace put it: "Content tools with great functionality and ease of use...but which are closed in format. Openness and free are being confused."

This is not an opinionated issue brought in by any current array of ideologues, know-nothings or self-promoters. This something that is flourishing in the Web era, the actual concept social media literacy, the influence of not only the scientific circle or even the educative theorists, all the big talk about Learning 2.O rely on ideologies and metanarratives that explains the impact of new media on our society. Sounds complicated but we need to go (again) deep in our research about what it means reassembling the social.

Those who create content for others (Citizen Journalism) also bear some responsibility for the ideas and the effects of those ideas when they are shared with others, however. A teacher using creativity and available resources, would be a good example to open doors of learning not only for the homebound student, but also for every other learner in the classroom, that wouldn't have been open otherwise!

In other words, we all need to move to the new era. While owning the network, we all are entitled to start using and getting educated at the youNiversity. Does it look like youTube? Maybe. May be not. This is only a heads up for all educational issues readers! Hope you dear visitor have a great weekend.

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