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LinkEd: How to Get School Web Portals

First of all, it seems Blogger reconsidered his decision about Deniz Akay and iMessenger is back. Yes, he's back. Welcome again Proteso.

You've heard about MySpace, don't' you? Well, educators can use also a very professional way of networking it is called LinkEd. Don't you see something familiar in it? Yes, it's a mix of LinkedIn and Teach For America. Go and see for yourselves.

School 2.0 is here. Better understood as a set of good applications such as Moodle, Egg and Drupal needs someone with programming knowledge in order to move forward Beacon. Any takers?

We Media Miami organized in behalf of GVO just ended and two blogs were doing their work. Caribbean Free Radio and Kiskey Acity. Want to get in touch with The Bear (El oso), take a moment and check these pictures. Another important meeting was held in Puerto Rico. Teachers of puertorican school had their 1st. Congress of Educational Blogs. Cheers for you all!

Have you forgotten the 2000 Bloggers project? If not so, please follow the Z-List and encourage other bloggers to do so. I will recommend Digital IT Blog. Please, be aware that we bloggers always make mistakes. Avoid them!

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  1. Just so you know, Globla Voices attended the WeMedia conference but we are not its organizers.

    Oh and thanks for the link to my personal blog. :-)