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Relevant Linking Are Not the Same as Link Baiting

Sure. You'd be noticed more than once our spell check problems but when it comes from a college academic level then you should start to think what's going on around here.

So, what about relevant linking. Eric Enge from Search Engine Watch has a very compelling post about why is so important not only point to relevant links in order to compete on search terms that you want to rank for, but focus on getting solid, high quality links to your site(how hard is that!). If you still want to keep the game of link baiting, please make sure that your link baiting scheme will bring you good relevant links. As Eric posted "think of it as building a serious business by offering something of value that tons of people are going to want to link to". Amen.

Yahoo has been buzzed lately because of its pipes. I know you are aware of it. However, Hackosphere being busy as he is now had come with a very useful tweak for our Blogger templates fans, it is the Feed Corrector: Yahoo Pipes based. Still in progress, though.

Yesterday, our fellow blogger Ilker Yoldas was calling all bloggers to participate about her blog usability concerns and got plenty of answers. She had pay attention to her visitors and now you will see a different thinker blog, included a huge RSS icon that I wasn't authorized to steal it because she said openly and frankly: No, you can't steal anything. They are mine!. May be you might want to try it at your own risk!

In an interesting interview S. Rubel said: Don't be concerned with the rankings, stay focused on publishing relevant content.

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  1. I see that you already tried it! Thanks for your feedback though (so I guess it pays off)