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Tagging vs. Dosages of Gotten Instruction

No matter your not being paid enough, if your a teacher (not a professor, in US. a professor makes enough money and do research) in US or anywhere around the world you're going to feel like Greece first school, slave's career. In case you didn't know the first instructors were picked among slaves to start transmitting knowledge to the 'Patricios'. However, pay attention to this report, 28% of Internet users tag. Taggers with broadband outnumber those without almost 2:1, and the higher your income and the better your education, the more you tag. The race/ethnicity with the highest percentage of taggers is black, followed by Hispanic.

The roll of teachers had changed during the last century, now we need to speak of Teacherly Scholarly Service Teachers are professionals that continue their career development, their membership in an academic fields, with its body of traditions, its dialogue, and its evolving practices. Is through service they reconnect their teaching practice with the traditions and new developments of such field. The have moved from establishing the dosage of knowledge students should get to a new way of redefine the school through uses of new technologies.

You don't have to convince nobody. Facts are out there to be watched and analyzed. You have plenty of tools to get the level you want, the topic you need to investigate, the circle to wish to belong. Citizendium is a good example of collaboration and service not precisely for teachers but professionals and experts in different fields. Results can be covered under the popular concept of Creative Commons.

The results will be widely spread by the media, such as sugar in the gas tank or the webby uploading services. May be we are still on time to pursue this Presidential Awards.

Tag, get in touch with colleagues, offer service and be a teacher!

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