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Wikipedia and Blogspot Policed

An outstanding post had been written by Wesley Fryer and it has to be with his own experiences about how Wikipedia is a citizen controlled database. With screenshots he explains the process to gain the right information and how in only 60 seconds a page can be reverted as correct as possible. The case is presented with a project research about Albert Einstein and if you are a parent or an educator you should go and read this interesting post.

For those who are not following Blogger policies, is time for revising those procedures. This is probably the first time when the Blogger team has censored selected posts from a blog hosted on Blogger rather than banning or deleting the entire blog. The case is presented by Labnol and has to be with CYFSWatch. Also take a look, as the Labnol's Author says, at what can you do when people copy your content on Blogger hosted blogs without permission.

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  1. If but I do not believe that my blog has problems, in addition, I did read and I understood the policies of Blogger, copy content without its respective Link either, then, what is the problem?

  2. The problem is that anyone who violates a policy might be (should be) punished. Plagiarism is a big issue in the internet nowadays. Give credit to the person who deserves it.