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You might lose your blog forever if you hosted it in Blogger!

I am sad after reading Hackosphere post about a mistake that presumably Blogger had made with one of our Recommended Blogs: Deniz Akay (aka Protesto). It was confused as a splog and now Blogger has been denying his iMessengr hosted at (http://web-messengers.blogspot.com). You can support him (he's nothing but a truly and hard working blogger) sending an email to support@blogger.com (also cc:denizDOTakayATgmailDOTcom)? If you wish, you could use the following text that Hackosphere sent:

Subject: iMessengr.com disabled as spam blog incorrectly

I have been reading the blog iMessengr (http://web-messengers.blogspot.com) and recently the blog has been disabled because it was wrongly identified as a spam blog. I can assure you that it is not a spam blog and so, please re-enable it.

Or if you have a Blogger account try to use this form.

To avoid this kind of situations it is crucial you get a back up of your blog. You don't want to be in the Deniz's shoes, follow then my recommendation and probably you will be a little relieved, at least.

The 2000 Bloggers Project get mad InstaBLOKE and he has enough reasons to be angry. What about Z-List are they playing by the same rules? Let's move a little bit forward. What happened with Gmm 5.0. Are they going to be penalized? InstaBLOKE, I guess you have many more reasons to be angry with.

No everything needs to be sad this weekend. Why don't you take a walk and say hi from Science & Technology to Arpit Agarwal and please, do not forget to write to Blogger about Deniz issue.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I had four blogs identified as SPLOGS this week myself. Blogger seems to be renewing its crackdown. I just asked them to remove their block, which they did within 24 hours. I imagine Deniz should be back online shortly, but keep me posted if he needs an advocate and I will be happy to help out.

  2. The whole thing made me sad. I am with Deniz. I have sent my mail to blogger support and also have requested my readrs to do so.
    Lets hope that iMessanger is back soon.

  3. Blogger can delete any blog at any time. All is specified in its TOS.

  4. Yes, Eduardo we all agree with you about the TOS but about if they shut it down mistakenly?