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Fighting for a Fetter Life in our Families

It has been away a long time that I am reading and subscribed to Trivium Academy. Today,  Jessica has posted something that has to be a lot with our way of life not only in America but worldwide. I've transcripted the following paragraphs for your delight:

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, the Olsen twins- this is what the daughters of America have as role models? Turn on the tv, what do you see? Reality shows that are edited to show the worst of people, the outrageous, the people hungry for money and fame. At what cost? Do we really enjoy watching others in pain? To watch others fail, does it make us feel better? Does it truly?

YET, parents that wish to shelter their children from the above are considered extreme. I can't even listen to Talk News Radio with my children nearby anymore, the steady stream of sex crimes, violent crimes, foul language is unbearable. Nevermind the gross amount of attacks of anyone with any kind of political responsibility that we elected. We chose, we voted- these are the people that the nation chooses, at least support the person that was elected while they are there. If you don't like them, vote for someone else next election- the attacks are unnecessary and only damage the already fragile patriotic integrity of our nation.

When did the "pursuit of happiness" become about everything under the sun at the expense of anyone and everyone? Are we headed toward destruction? A new government? Honestly, I'm not as afraid of the world's terrorists as I am what is going on in our country. Parents' rights are being attacked every day in some courts around the nation. Have you heard about the proposed spanking laws? Did you know some states already have these?

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