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Ecuador: Congress Gets a Clean Up!

You should heard a lot about Ecuador politics this weekend. It's not the very first time but now comes along with the visit to Latinamerica of President Bush. It seems pure coincidence that just now President Correa has to be judged for the CIDH(Interamerican Comitte for the Human Rights) as manager of a 'broken institutional country'. I guess, ecuadoreans deserve better not for the congressmen but their hard working people in and out Ecuador. The following are the heads up for the big mess in ecuadorean politics:

"Ecuador’s top electoral court set a date for a national referendum and on Wednesday voted to ax nearly 60 legislators that were deemed to have interfered with the referendum measure." -The Latin Americanist.

"I am angry about this situation but not surprised. Most of the Ecuadorian political leaders think of the country as a personal enterprise." -Watching Quito.

I(President Correa) would make it clear: "The political mafias defenestrated by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal that there is no going back, that we will not allow any more abuse."

"Under the election law, the court has the powers to expel those lawmakers,...But we are going to see a fierce battle over its legality. -Simon Pachano.

"The April 15 Referendum constitutes a fundamental milestone in the process of institutional recovery. The General Secretariat has decided to accept an invitation extended to the OAS by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to observe this vote." -OAS.

"The Ecuadoran Congress is a unicameral body with 100 members. As such, the firing of the 57 means that the Congress has been effectively dissolved." -Poliblog.

"Mr. Correa has a lot of reform to perform with regards to the military and the police force, a task that befalls the replacement of Guadalupe Larriva and Lorena Escudero." -Colonos.

"He (Correa) would be acting illegally if he ignores a potential unfavorable ruling by the Tribunal on a controversial exercise of authority by the country's seven-member Supreme Electoral." -Jurist.

"...Los diputados lloriquean con el escudo de 'fuimos elegidos por votación popular, somos la representación del pueblo'. ¡Vamos, el pueblo no es cojudo!" -Cero Cuatro.



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