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Blogger 'Next Blog' Help and Social Networks

I now there are plenty of tweaks to play with in the new Blogger. W. Richardson got stuck with it and he's asking for input. Many visitors and reader of this blog would be able to help him. Why you don't give him a try?

Two Spanish blogs had published interesting notes about what it means to menear, frisquear and diggear to express similar ideas about what is expected from Digg and the rest of socialnetworking applications such as Twitter and Virb. Do you know what's going on at Spanish Bloggers Union? (Spanish version).

I spent quite of time reading online but I can't let The Economist just past in front of mine. That's why today this post caught my eye. What does Web 2.0 mean? Paul Glazowski put it in a very simple way: Web 2.0 is just a simple progression of the Internet.

I kind of enjoy the field trips not only to geographical locations but for online weblogs as well, check out this field trip to Teacher's Blogs. Meet one of special correspondents in NPR, Larry Abramson and if you still want to keep digging in the education arena, please go and say hi from us to Alexander Russo and his best of the week educational blogs round up.

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