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How Do You Read your Feeds?

Micropersuasion mentions this blog where the author explains how he's organizing and reading his RSS feeds. This is our personal contribution.

I don't use Google Reader but hung it in this blog, especially for tracking the updates in web tech hacks.

I do use Bloglines and I do have folders for personal categories such as: Education, WebTech, Technology, etc. I try to check it up daily but when I am short of time I just open those where my interest is the particular day. Let's say I don't want to know anything about education then I don't even worry in open it up.

I keep an eye of new events and bookmarks through Delicious. I have created a folder which is called 'Draft', meaning that all links that of my interest are saved right there and they are cleared up during the days to follow usually into 8 or 15 days.

What do you do with your subscriptions?

Update: Scoble has posted his answers.

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  1. I use Google Reader myself and usually just scan the headlines. Since I started blogging in December it's rare that I browse the internet any other way.

  2. Every time I try a web based reader (including Google) I wish I hadn't. A soon as you get into the thousands of subscriptions like I have they just choke and die.

    So I use GreatNews which is the ONLY desktop app I've found that can handle my volume (way better than FeedDemon).

    To keep track of all those feeds I have filters set up to find the info that I'm looking for. As a result I can find the news that I want in a jiffy.