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Do Not Unsubcribe from Education & Technology

Darren Rowse after classifying his blog comments has decided to share 34 of the reason why readers unsubscribe from your blog (I've picked only the first 10 in descended order):

1. Too many posts (the post levels are too overwhelming).
2. Infrequent Posting (or the blog is effectively dead).
3. Partial Excerpts Feeds.
4. Blog Changes Focus (too much off topic posting).
5. Too many posts that I see elsewhere (Redundant, Repeated or Recycled News).
6. Uninteresting Content.
7. Irrelevant Content.
8. The Blogger’s Ego - Too much self promotion.
9. Low Quality Content.
10. Too many posts that are too long.

Mea Culpa. I have to accept. I've been struggling so hard for not being between numbers 4 and 5!

Do you need more info? Do not hesitate and give him a visit. Follow the thread!

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  1. Well, I guess mine is definetely no. 2.. ejem..

    Abrazos amigo,

  2. Hey Isa! Long time no see. I hope you doing fine and come back soon to this our little corner. Thanks.