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EarlyStories: Hispanic Children Underserved in Pre-K

Thanks to Richard Lee Colvin, I've found this report that says Hispanic children are underrepresented in state pre-kindergarten programs.

Colvin writes: "The report from the National Task Force on Early Childhood Education for Hispanics says there are too few affordable seats in Hispanic communities, parents are uninformed, and there are language barriers. Journalists in cities with large numbers of Hispanic children might venture out into Hispanic neighborhoods on Wednesday and find out what parents know about pre-kindergarten and what they've tried to do to line up a spot for their kids. Or, they might talk to kindergarten teachers and principals and schools there to ask about whether children are showing up at the school door ready to learn."

Now it seems that we know what is happening with the early education of our kids. Does it has do with Not Child Left Behind? Absolutely not. It has to be with coverage and incentives. Don't they say our kids are our next future?.

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  1. Statistics that I confront as a Texas educator: 54% of Latinos graduate high school, of that 20% actually make it to college, widdle downed to 15% graduate, and less tan 5% of that are fluent in both languages...WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT?!! In elementary, Hispanic children score in the 60s for reading while African Americans are in the low 70 and whites in the 84. Why are parents moving their Latino behind?