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Undocumented Students Might Hold the Key to Impending Economic Crisis in Next Decade

Marisa Treviño from Latina Lista writes about the results of a research conducted by the Boston College where they conclude that  undocumented students will save the aging workforce from a  very rude awakening by 2012.

There are literally thousands, if not millions, of undocumented students who have the excitment and the grades to go to college.

"What is unfortunate is that too many states have only short-term vision and can't see what the future holds for their particular state workforce. Otherwise, they wouldn't be doing their best to penalize these students, who more than likely grew up in this country, by making college overly expensive for these kids and not giving them any hope that they can put their degrees to work once they receive them.

Kids who want to go into education, medicine, engineering and other service sectors are being forced to waste their intellects rather than put them to use to help this country in the future".

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