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Wikipedia as Style of Curriculum

Are we still thinking of obsolete curriculum?  Well, probably  we will need to look it over, specially nowadays with infinitesimal changes not only in education but in the information field.  The following is a extract from Remote Access of how Wikipedia without being 100% accurate is foundering in an ocean of rapidly changing times.

"We may have trouble with Wikipedia; it is certainly not a flawless system. But it is good enough for now, for here. As a first source of information that needs to be backed up by more research, Wikipedia is a fabulous starting point that I encourage kids to use.

But the same is true for our official curricula documents. They are good enough for here, for now, but they are certainly not infallible and they will need to change over time at an increasing pace to keep up with our changing ideas of what counts as knowledge".

How long does it take before our officially mandated outcomes need to be updated?

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