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The Good Friday of Robert Scobble

After a long advocate of PC's and Windows it seems like the famous Scoble is moving to Mac.

In the US is Easter but for other cultures is the celebration of Good Friday, Jen has brought this magnificent idea already spread between Helen Mowers and Wesley Fryer. Please, remember cybercompliment is the clue!

I don't think this is because of April Fool but certainly Blogger will be shortly a Pro service. (Will this blog jump on Wordpres?) So sad for Google bloggers now that we have better tools and Google Search Box has been enhanced to be used in your blogs and as an administrator you can also learn how your visitors navigate your site. OMG.

Many ways you can get visitors to your blog but try something else, why don't you start promoting your content is forums or with original projects as this offered by an former blogger: vator.tv.

You can also get into business speaking, writing and talking about sex. Any other ideas? Please leave note if you want to contribute with your very own experience.

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  1. Moving over to the Mac would have been the smartest move Scoble ever made.

  2. I don't know much about Macs. I've gorwn with PC's but will be interesting to give it a try!