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What would happen if you suddenly stop blogging

I've found quite interesting the conclusions Loren arrived after being inactive in the last couple of months, more concentrated in reading than writing. These are the four conclusions that make her think to blog each day than not:

1. YOU will miss the technical tips Bloggers used to share. Return the favor more often(link love).

2. YOU won't have the opportunity to cross check the perspectives people have on various news items. Every one of us must have at least two or three Thinking Bloggers which make us go back and analyse what they say.

3. YOU will discover not to rely 100% on aggregators (Digg, Slashdot, Techcrunch). 'Either the stories seem too arbitrary and disinteresting or they appear too homogeneous and tangential.'

4. YOU better start writing your very own content!

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  1. If I don't blog every day I begin to suffer from symptoms of withdrawal. I get the shakes and my fingers start twitching nervously. I tell the doctor that I'm worried I may be suffering from early-onset of parkinsons disease, but then I realize I have just been away from my blog too long and need a quick fix... and all is well again. Ahhh!

    That might not be a very scholarly view but it sure works for me ;-)

  2. Every blogger has a particular way of organization. In my case my wife is about to fill out divorce. My Godness! You've got the point!!

  3. If i stop blogging i died!!!am almost divorce too..jajaja

    Hi handsome..