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Ethics: For Academics and Bloggers

I've spotted three post from Ken Smith who is writing about The Role of the Public Intellectual where Alan Lightman speaks about the style of writing and communicating of scientists in order to get understood for the average citizen.

'There is no need for this public writing to take place on blogs, but blogs do greatly increase the number of places for academics to practice communicating with a general audience, and they may also help us learn how to do so -- which may largely have to do with unlearning some of the ways of writing and speaking we've been rewarded for in our fields.'
Now these aren't news but must be considered. Parents with the highest literacy levels are more likely than other parents to be involved in their children's education, according to a report on adult literacy by the National Center for Education Statistics.

I am not sure if this will define Web 3.0 but again I have good reasons to rethink the mathematical equation: Web 3.0 =(4C + P + BV) [ES].

This has nothing to do with the Imus scandal but the Blogging Code of Conduct should come from bloggers themselves. I don't like to told what I have to do so when I am perfectly able to decide what is good and healthy for me better than nobody else. O'Reilly has a point but I will subscribe for the Anything goes. 'I do find disquieting the social pressure to get on board with this program.'

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  1. Thank you for recommending and linking to the great article "The Role of the Public Intellectual"
    by Alan Lightman

  2. Thank Mr. Ramirez. Excuse our English. LOL