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These Lessons Could Ruin your Life

Our fellow blogger Steli Efti presents his book about those 7 Lessons You Learned At School That Could Possibly Ruin Your Life. This is a eBook about the most important 7 Lessons to unlearn in life. No successful and happy human being has managed to become successful and
happy without unlearning the following 7 Lessons: download it!

Are you still thinking that blogging can be a factor to get into the labor market? If your answer was YES, you better take a hard look in Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.

Tired of reading about sex and all that 'dirty' stuff! Please, do not go away, learn how to help your family and the reason why our girls are being sexualized.

I am among those first six thousand blogs that Technorati monitors. However I still find interesting this post related to Successful Blogging.

Are you being a successful blogger? Why don't share any input for our readers.

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  1. mmmmm I´m just thinking...

    I don´t know if I´m a successful blogger, but I rather be one in a short time!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Sure you will. Keep it up! Thanks for your note.