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This is the price of a traditional education credentials

I was amazed after reading the six pages report that Webblogg-ed mentions. It all has to be with the elite education, yesterday we were talking in Edublogger Event07 about some topics that not necessarily apply to this case but must be considered in the wide spectrum. This is how our traditional school had been evaluating, grading and scoring. We already arrived to a new stage. The new, modern or after 20 century school. We don't need those traditional buildings in order to learn. Yes, I know . You will be saying, but who's going to certify that knowledge? The practice, showing up your expertise, proving yourself you are able to solve a problem!

The experience related in the NYT, is about Senior life in one of the best High School in Boston, the Newton North and what is takes to move up in get enrolled in the Ivy League. Where you are supposed to do well in class but still have time to go out as a normal 18 year boy or girl.

You have to get a elite delivering message if you want to pursue high standard and get accepted in named colleges in America. There is a lot of emphasis on nonconformity and those youngsters need to learn how to live with jam-packed schedule, multitasking and focus in a very narrow group of the most selective colleges countrywide.

The bar for achievement keeps being raised for each generation, the father of one of those girls said: 'Our children start where we finished.' And Sara Rimer, the author of this article in the New York Times adds: You have to be fluid and highly educated to survive in this new economy.

Should we be slaves of our fate? You have the answer!

Education Week also has its artcicle College Concerns.

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