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Knowledge Strategy

Mark in Anecdote makes a list of generic knowledge strategy objectives that includes:

1. Attract and retain the best people
2. Minimise the impact of people leaving – or better retain our knowledge
3. Build better relationships
4. Enhance collaboration
5. Build skills and know-how
6. Improve innovation
7. Improve how we learn from mistakes and successes
8. Improve ability to find relevant expertise
9. Better deal with complex situations
10. Improve ability to search for and find information
11. Avoiding reinventing the wheel
12. Finding and applying good practice
13. Encouraging people to call for help.

I am experiencing some changes in my place of work and I've found these objective quite useful. What about you? Do you think it will help in focusing your knowledge strategies?

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  1. 13 ... : help! Please review my blog! Thank you (also for your comment)