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Network Proximity to Everything is Miscellaneous

You and I pretty much know how important is to get into networks nowadays. The contacts you have will determine the level of success you get and while more connected you are the most chances you have. Explanation no necesary if you take as example what's going with Twitter, MyBlogLog, Explode, Spicy or Virb.

Today elearnspace starts talking about the learning side of social software. However, the study presented by Ideant shows deeply understanding of networking as it's a transitioning process from being merely a way to describe social realities to serving as a model for organizing them.

Others like Webblogg-ed are interested in new books about the new Theory of Digital Disorder, Will makes a good introduction of Everything is Miscellaneous written by David Weinberger.

Teacher Magazine will be read online only. I was expecting to go there and try to understand bette the concept explained through a meme: Differentiation.

Ahh... Do not forget to check out the The Best of the Blogs brought by Alexander Russo.

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