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Relationship with your Readers Matters

Susan Wu writes a blog about Web 2.0 and Venture Capital. What caught my attention is this post applied mainly to the market but pretty easy comparable with what you are doing with your blogs. Weblogs are the single most valuable piece of real estate for people who really thinks blogging is a serious activity.

She is talking about avatars and endorse MyBLogLog because it facilitates passive and serendipitous discovery. She also talks about the emotional relationships among users (in our case readers). How avatars are undervalued right now and why identity matters because you're more likely to invest in an avatar identity that is fun and cartoony than one that is photorealistic, given the current state of where blogger sentiment is.

In this post that I like a lot, Susan is asking for some answers. Will anyone of our readers might be able to answer at least one?

1. What happens in an online environment when there are absolutely NO cognitive barriers between our online and offline selves?
2. Why does an avatar matter at all?
3. What types of relationships do people have with each other online and how can an avatar make that more or less meaningful?

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