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BlogBloke Is Coming Back

It's been a long time since our fellow blogger from BlogBloke had to be off blogging because health situations. We are pleased he's back in business and even when we have not placed a comment in his blog as he is requesting and he had find a better balance in his life between the virtual and the real world. Great challenge this one considering many of us are blogging addictive or as Scobleizer calls it: Continuous Partial Attention Problem.

Being in a continuous partial attention state all the time is making us ill. I do believe it -Scoble, says. I will start working out in a week now for the first daytime. You’ll probably notice me doing less and less online as I try to bring my health up. You also should do it. I have a female friend of mine who happen to enjoy her weekend in a different way that mines. She goes out to dance, parties, has a partime job, etc. I can't do that. I've been spending about four hours per day online.

You know what? If you really want or love to write even when writing is not your forte, then you just jump up 10 years now. Writing is how business gets done nowadays. Communication inside corporations will shift somewhat away from email to wikis and blogs, but that doesn't really change the need for this skill. But this is the point, you don't have to be online in order to write a good essay or document, you still can do it offline en enjoy many minutes with your friends and family face to face!

What's your challenge?

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