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Debugging your iPhone

Brilliant the Joe Hewitt's work that has been developed now that teachie guys are playing with the 'future', their iPhones. The Firebug he is talking about has being tried on Mac OS X, but it should work on Windows or Linux, says Joe. I have only tested the console in Firefox, but it should work in other browsers, he continues.

The instruccions for using Firebug for iPhone, are detailed:

1. Download ibug0.1.zip and unzip it somewhere, anywhere on your computer.
2. Make sure you have Python installed - if you are on a Mac, it is already there, if you are on Windows, download it here
3. Open your terminal and cd to the ibug directory that you just unzipped
4. Run python ibug.py launch - it will start the web server and open the console in your browser. If you don't want to open the console, remove the launch argument.
5. Copy the snippet of HTML that you see in the console and paste it into the head of any HTML pages you want to debug on your iPhone
6. That's it! console.log() calls on the phone will now show up in your browser, and you can use the command line to enter JavaScript commands that execute on the phone. To stop the server, just hit Ctrl-C.

Wanto to give it a try?

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