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Am I wrong about socialnetworking?

I've always believed that a product gets better sold if it is very well known or advertised. But this is the market and real products. What happened when you have to sell content, knowledge, information?

The market, by 2011 will grow to a whopping $4.3B, Steve Rubel quotes but, it will be very hard competition to grab a penny of that market. There is when the comes just in hand. If I have a circle of friends who happen to visit this blog at least one hundred times a day, that means something for a advertiser or any maketing expert. I do belong to many social networks and the intention is precisely grow the circle of people who can at least see our blog, read our content and eventually buy something from this blog.

Is socialnetworking a waste of time? Please, think twice and let us know we all are not wrong about the buzz.

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  2. As long as we use social networking as an extension or complement of our usual meat-space, not pretending a fly-by-night source of additional income, all will make sense in the circle or life.

  3. I asked this question myself and to be honest I'm not seeing the real benefit.