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Educational Matters: Why Don't Scratch Each Other's Back?

Now that we all educators can benefit from Creative Commons for opening not only mistakes as those in Britannica but learn about our conductual changes when we publish or write a blog in terms of Socratic Methods, be good teaching science, how to strive while facilitating the math core, looking for a better educational research, developing a sine qua non skillful teaching or simply find new and better educational blogs not only for reading but most importantly feeding our teachers! We all know then, Education really matters, indeed.

This roundup wouldn't be written if we were not clear that linking and attracting readers is a priority when you blog. As we move up to the evolutive internet triangle we come to conclude that relationship isn't everything when we blog. But it is not about content only. It goes beyond that. Its about attracting readers and more importantly -- keeping those readers as our fellow BlogBloke declares. So, who cares about PR if you don't have enough readers, people who are interested in what you have to say, internauts who happened to cross by your blog and suddenly stop by to read something that caught their eyes (eye candy content should we say?)and then bookmark your page, subscribe to your blog and when you don't even realize they come back to see what news you have written!

Hope you are getting as much visitors (readers) as we have, if not please follow the expert advise and keep working hard not only to play Google PR but publish important information and overall keep and attract readership.

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