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Learning: A Holistic New Vision

Many years now I've been trying to explain myself why the process of is so powerful and what are the reasons why step up and always start with the concept of teaching as if our brain will first show knowledge than absorb information. The following ideas are based in three post published by W. Richardson and reflect our very personal experience.

It’s not just about the Read/Write Web. It’s more than that. It’s the Read/Write/Connect/Reflect Web as well. It is, in the words of Jay Cross in his book Informal Learning the “Learning is Optimizing the Quality of One’s Networks”. Richarson quotes Jay:

'What can you do' has been replaced by 'What can you and your network connections do?' Knowledge is moving from the individual to the individual and his contacts.

After all I wasn't so wrong as I've stated in this post.

Is it just such a focus on curriculum delivery that 'learning' is all about how to do that job better? Is changing the way we do our own business just too darn hard? Or is this such a huge shift, this idea that we can actually learn through the use of technology that most people just don’t think they have to go there, that they can just keep using it as a way to communicate without the surrounding connective tissue where the real learning takes place? Does anybody want to answer this crucial questions David had brought to us?

I love being taught but I also enjoy learning new things everyday. And that is where some of my thinking really solidified, that passion part. I know this sounds corny, but I was really wishing that every one at could have experienced the same connection that some of the participants felt to this community. The one here where we’re just all talking about how we figure out what needs to happen, what we can do, what the world is going to look like, and how we can help shape it. Where, yeah, we ooohhh and ahhh over someone’s iPhone, but a minute later we’re back to talking about where all of this is headed. Thanks Mr. Richardson for such reflexions and the formal/informal way you present topics related to education business and learning communities.

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  1. real nice theme. keep posting..

  2. Learning is such a wonderful process indeed. All of us are given the opportunity to learn but only a few are willing to accept the offer. Others don't realize it until they badly need it.

  3. Nice article. We all learn something everyday. However, most of us don't remember or are not aware of it. It would be a wasted opportunity if we fail to make a right choice the second time.