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Pownce Review: Ramani and his Adobe Captivate

As all you know Pownce just came and is playing hard with Twitter. That only disgusting thing about it is that my gmail account is getting full with Pownce notifications. I still don't know how to shut notifications down. But what I love is the chances to interchange files. If you still don't have an account just drop me an email or leave a comment asking for an invitation and I'll gladly spare some of those left.

Ramani is the person who designed the theme for Education & Tech. Now you can get it for your blog for free (he's revamping the new NEO). Thanks Ramani. Don't get to Hackosphere without checking first his review of Pownce using Adobe Captivate.

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  1. I didn't like the notifications too. But I found that you can change notification settings by clicking on "Settings" at the top of your profile page and then "notifications".

    Thanks for linking to me.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the heads up! I'm thinking of those setting right now.