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IMfied: Posting from IM to Web

Thanks to our dear friend Avatar we've got to know this new tool for publishing online, IMfied. Still in Beta but certanly it "is a productivity tool that offers instant access to a growing number of web applications over your instant messaging client. Imified simply helps you get things done faster", according to Dave & Anthony, their dvelopers.

I you check their forum you will notice they ( the community) is working real quick to provide integration with other application like Facebook, Powce and the New Blogger itself.

The process of registration is very easy but you will need to have an account i any of the mayor IM providers, add imfied as a friend and ther you go. I just made it. Quick and easy. I haven't tried though, but I do believe what Avatar is saying about this application. Imagine all people who use IM now with chances to publish their blogs without even sign out of IM clients! Is this productivity? I don't know but as for me it really sounds interesting. Let's see what happens in the days to come.

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  1. I have tested myself every single "widget" (absurd name syncing) in IMified, and it of course works well, even with Blogger v3.0 (the new Blogger) that also recived support lately.

    oh and thanks for the words..

  2. Hey buddy thanks for coming by. Welcome back and let's rock and roll!