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Should We Close the Net? -E. John Says So

May be that Sir Elton John has authority to express his own opinions but at some point he might have a point or users disagree with it. All this rant came from a column in The Sun Online and this post.

Instabloke follows the conversation and list of the blogosphere's benefits:

1) Anyone who can’t write can now publish a blog and pretend they can write.

2) Kids (and parents) can disconnect from natural communities and join virtual ones.

3) Gambling is now easier than ever.

4) Local merchants, workers and businessmen can become "disintermediated" by online multi-national corporations.

5) Now we can go to the coffee shop (how pathetic) and hunch over our laptops and not even know who is sitting next to us.

6) Eventually, our whole lives can become digitized. Hey, maybe quantity IS more important than quality and more data is better.

8) We now have more "information" than we even asked for... unfortunately, 99% of it is scam, spam, more marketing, "bait link" or just plain poor quality.

9) Perhaps we will all like the "Singularity." By the

10) Oh, yes.. the "paperless office." Funny, though, our offices now consume several times the amount of paper they used to.

11) Soon blog content will be computer generated, if some of it isn’t already.

12) Luddites will have to master internet technology in order to destroy it.

Now, please tell me everything said in here is wrong and I'll quit blogging right in the spot!

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