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What it takes to be a blogger

Today as always I was reading my subscriptions in Bloglines and one of the most interesting things I've found is a post about how to keep readership and be happy about what you have say or you've seen in the online highway of information. Many of you dear readers might be thinking how come a person can spend hours and hours reading blogs without substantial information, no pertinent data or simply personal diatribes about innumerable facts that only human beings would be involved in.

Certainly is hard to convince bloggers such as fake Steve Jobs to stop writing facts and colloquial information challenging the most respectable man in the computer business. No word about another top influential blogger in the techie field, Robert Scoble. Tip of the hat. Not to mention young rockies in the amalgam of 68 million blogs according to Technorati. This our Science & Tech showed up a while ago and was written in Spanish at the very beginning. Spanish is the second language where you might find blog info about. English language is the dominant language, no matter what the Chinese bloggers have to say. That was the reason why we had to switch from Spanish to English and many readers come to check what we have to say, sometimes no original content but readable and pertinent. We are receiving hits aver the 100 hundred daily and our MyBlogLog goes right now over the hundreds. Thanks everyone for the dedication you take and come back everyday to check out what's going on in our neighborhood.

TonNet is not moving from Blogger or Blogspot, we prefer them over Wordpress, no matter what the these guys have to complain about our blogs hosted in Blogspot. We will keep reading and writing about what we like: education, hacks, gadgets, technology and all stuff about new developments and progress in the scientific field and technological spectrum. You are seeing new template because we wanted to keep fresh design and easy readiness. You tell, I've already received reports about what it looks like and how easy is now to load this page, well before we decided to show up all post, hem. We've all have discussed how important it is the content and the socialnetworks, with millions of people with access to the online content we have not only to dedicate time to excel content but keep a wide range of social connectors. It is not casual many websites had being created to keep up with the growing market of socialnetworking. Take a look at what's going with Facebook, how MySpace have changed and why Yahoo is struggling to keep up with the collection offresh money.

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