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Social Networks Really Work Out

Academic studies over the last thirty years show that young people's interest and enthusiasm in schoolwork has declined precipitously. Social Networks in the other hand have become so engaging. Look at today's curriculum, though, and you won't find much interactivity, seems we are still learning through reading and regurgitating!

I am not a N-Gener anymore but enjoy while join online communities such as StumbleUpon or Youlicit. I don't even belong to the generation born between 1977 and 1996 (Baby Boom), this new Net Generation (G-Gen) is bigger and stronger than the baby boom itself. This is the first generation to grow up in the digital age, and makes them a huge force of collaboration. My son I can conclude is among those majority of Americans kids who learnt how to use computers at very early age and for studies, almost 90 percent of American teenagers are using the Net!

I was having fun while browsing around StumbleUpon and what I've found is again a world teeming with great opportunities and possibilities for education, work, and entrepreneurship. What do we need? We need the skills, motivation, capacity for a lifelong learning, and a basic income level to get connected.

So, begin for acquire knowledge and develop skills in order to build up your very own social network that will pay in the future.

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