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Getting to know the number of subscribers in Google Reader

Evidently I still have a way to go in the number of my subscribers. After a respectable 7th position for education & tech (see screenshot) in case some changes are in its way. Surely will be discrepancies among the reports of Technorati and Techmeme but, Google Reader now can tell you how many subscribers you have. Great!

For a long time, I was using Bloglines as my feed reader but in like two months now, I am checking my subscription in . Many bloggers had found interesting since it's just in had and they don't have to switched pages just to check it in Feedburner or so.

Scoble, as always showed me how to look it up. I should confess that at the very beginning I was messed up! Why? Because it said go to "Add Subscription" and I was typing in the name of our blog but hit the "Add" button (What do you call that?). Obviously I was getting nuts. I should be typing in the name of our blog and hit 'enter' in the computer. Thanks God I've figure it out!

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Milton Ramirez

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