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iPhone Updated: All hacks are down now!

This is the message transmitted to his sometimes enthusiastic Apple this weekend. The update of software iPhone software has made unusable those iPhone that their buyers have had to badly modify against the instructions of the manufacturer.

The modification consisted of releasing the telephone of the technological padlock that maintains it enslaved to an only wire net as AT&T: the proprietors came to burst that padlock to be able to use his iPhone in other networks. And for that reason properly they have been punished: now their telephones do not work, and it is not clear that they are going to return to do it. Apple, since it had warned (it is certain) ahead of time, has transformed these desirable iPhone into beautiful and useless “junk”.

Aside from the uselessness of the exercise it demonstrates an increasing reality in the world of the technology, that is the change of model: the companies no longer sell their products to us like long ago, when buying them we became genuine proprietors that we could alter or use to our own taste. Our acquisitions come with limits that we cannot cross; with windows that we cannot open because of chances to lose the economic guarantee, other advantages, or the same functionality (as right now). iPhone, in spite of its price, never is(was) ours: we are only renters, and very controlled.

The excuse is the one of always: it is by our good. But the true reason is economic, and not to please the users: not in vain Apple takes months negotiating with whom it presents/displays iPhone in each market, extracting of telephone the substantial financial treatments in exchange for the exclusive feature of use of the so sexy little machine. If Apple is a bit "catholic" with this last action it has become one of those monasteries of iron discipline where obedience and silence are the only virtues that count. And if we want to pay for being proprietors of our machines? In the convent of Apple there is at least option no to gain the freedom with money. But every time there is more people than prefers to be free, not matter if they get reimbursements of $100. Is Steve paying attention to this?

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