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Is People Turning Back to the Old Media?

I've read many blogs now and I've been there to see them grow or die but what I've also noticed is big conglomerates are shaded what we once called blogs. No idea exactly when we started blogging but since then our interest has to be share knowledge, have some time to write and read, and ultimately feed our ego.

Lately, many people is talking about the TechMeme phenomenon and even when as said in another post the new ranking system of Technorati, what still makes very respectable is that this is a place where you'll find blogs to read and lookout. What's going with TechMeme as Scoble pointed out, only twelve blogs showed up in their Leaderboard. "Not only does the list include many old media mainstays such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, along with top trade publications such as Computerworld, but it is also heavily tilted toward new media "brands" formerly known as blogs such as GigaOm, TechCrunch and Engadget."

So, it seems the new Technorati CEO has a point when he says "...They don’t track 100 million blogs and they’re not nearly as embedded in the blogging community." Do personal blogs still count for streaming media? No, not anymore. You have to be in the blog circle or be a digital newspaper, did I say digital newspaper? Is this a mutation from blogs to digital newspapers?

Or as the person who ignited this conversation has noted: "That's far too many questions to lob at a reader, I know, but Techmeme's Leaderboard has, indeed, sparked a lot of doubt in my mind about whether blogging is dead or merely transformed. And the Huffington Post's acquisition of a major media company's top manager of online news publishing only further underscores that blogging is now big business."

We still love and respect the opinion of plain citizens who have managed to create a blog and spend hours reading and lurking online in order to have a say and something to entertain with.

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