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Academic Social Networks: Academics Are Wary People

When a person acts and reacts differently that the rest of his conrades then is pretty easily labeled as 'crazy'. Academics are in a very short number and it's hard to find one with whom you might want to share knowledge and experiences. When you see in the top left corner a "Friend Me' widget it means you can get in touch with us even without you being an academic, a journalism or a blogger. This is a open social network if you want to call it like that.

This is what Oh No a WoC PhD has to say about those rare circles. She's a black person and we are hispanics, you know what I mean:
I learned this week while doing the academic rounds, that I have finally learned to be quiet far too late in life, that I unlearned bravado just when I needed it most, and that if I do not put the books and the writing down regularly from now and repractice academese . . . Oh and of course, I also learned that no amount of sinking myself into my work makes me any less ready to bond with disenfranchised students and support them in an effort to get the revolutionary act of being respected as scholars of color accomplished.

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  1. actually, I don't know what you mean. There was a very specific context to which I was referring when I wrote that but I am curious how you see the statement (sans context) as culturally bounded by African-decendedness/blackness vs. Latinoness/browness.

  2. I meant we both earned what we have after hard work and constant observations from people who still at this point don't see the cultural worth every culture has as a treasure.

  3. thanks for explaining, I appreciate it & the link back.