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Do not get angry your majesty ...

What a funny weekend! The king shouting to a President, pointing him out and jumping on the table so that after a key deadly forced him to apologize and stop talking to Little Shoes!, Oh my.. I am already mixing TV programs, it used to happen to me but yesterday a WWE (before WWF) fight between presidents would have been colossal, imagine:

On one hand, SuperZP together with His Majesty the King, on the other side Alo President next to one who jumped on the wagon, Ortega (not to be confused with Palito Ortega, the creator of the romantic music). Spain vs. Latin America (part I), who would win? Nobody, certainly we all lose.

I want to imagine the king on top of the table, as when he's doing balance out sailing in his fine boat by the brave waters of the Mediterranean, the president Z accompanying him, losing mood. Chavez reminding (as a paratrooper before jumping on them) that he was elected at the ballot box, not as the king who was elected by a finger of a dictator, albeit of the election of his friend Fidel, not a word was said… and as a partner, Ortega , a politician who resurrected joins the club " We are cool but we are a little crazy."

Why did this happen?. Yes, I am sympathetic with Chavez, but I recognize that this is happening fewer and fewer, before I felt like he had "guts" but now I think he just owns a lot of oil and that his followers are only those who hate Bush Jr., Bush Sr. and even the Bush's dog.

It will ever be a Left Party where any who is not crazy! I am not saying they do not have a little of fearlessness and transgression, but begin to play among claims, the perpetuity of the seat and the disqualification does not seem to be the right path. I may be wrong.

Why don't you shut up?

No. don't get angry your majesty… I don't want me to happen the same as the "Thursday"

[Translation] Original post by an argentinian, living in Madrid: BLOGus.

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  1. Gracias por la traducción y publicar mi post. Un abrazo grande

  2. Not a problem, anytime. Solo y tomando mate...