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Mark Cuban Blogworld Keynote

I have to quote something I've found quite interesting from the closing keynote of Mark Cuban in the BlogWorldExpo:

Blogging isn't just about people getting things off their chest, it's a way for ideas and the truth to come out

Then the rest of the questions he answered from the audience transcript by Lynne d Johnson. The following are the three questions I we should all pay attention and tha's why I feel obliged to transcript:

Q: Future of blogging -- what can change it? What can take over?

A: The history of all of this is the Website. A lot of people were setting up sites in the 90s. People were putting up sites and speaking their mind. There were forums in Compuserve and Prodigy. Then it was an application that changed it all Don't think the game is gonna change all that much. I'm not a huge fan of UGC and YouTube. Whenever it is easier to create everybody does. The longer and longer the tail becomes. MSM is also adopting easy tools ... other things will come up. It's gonna be hard to have more than just the ultra long tail. Viewers or readership impact. Look at the music industry. It's so easy to create a song right now, everybody does. It's harder to stand out. It will come down to content is king, with marketing being a major part of it.

Q: What do you think about UGC now? Do you still think YouTube is not a real business?
A: If the media writes about it, then more media writes about it. YouTube is subsidizing any video you want to put on the Internet for free. Because they hide behind the Digital Millennium Copyright Act -- Google can't get in trouble if someone puts up South Park. South Park has to find it and request it be taken down. They don't know what's there. They are hiding behind the DMCA. they can't put ads around what they don't know is there. Let Google pay. They can't sell ads around non-licensed content. If it were any other company in the world, they'd be gone. But they can subsidize a lot of things.

Q: If facebook were for sale would you buy it?
A: Yeah I'd buy it but I can't afford it. The two companies I would buy are Verizon and facebook.

However, Mark Cuban answered many other questions that you can read them all at FastCompany blog, this is something you can't ignore it:

When starting should you worry about ads?
Have you ever considered turning off comments because of haters?
How do you marry your business with blogging?
Did it work asking people to vote for you on your blog?
What about facebook's new advertising?
Do you write your own blog?
Do you find Bill O'Reilly's attacks on you to be a net plus or a net minus?
Is facebook overvalued?

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