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Verizon Steps Will Change Wireless Market and Predictions for the 2008

Nobody was expecting Verizon's decision. It would allow customers to use any compatible device or software on its networks. The question is when American users will be able to start using Verizon networks? The announcement says it will be by the end of next year, users of such wireless products will be able to connect to its network using any device that meets the 'minimal technical standard', and they're compatible with its technology.

Analysts think this may be either a response to Google’s Android mobile operating system or an attempt to satisfy the FCC press for the upcoming 700 Mhz spectrum auctions(They want to be open). What will it be those devices then? This means pretty much any CDMA device or application, even those ones that are not officially offered by Verizon. It's not like you're going to walk into a Verizon store and see a bazaar of new products but it's a good sign that the glacier of mobile control is starting to melt!

What it really smacks Google plans is the vision of Pieter Knook, senior vice president of Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business saying " Microsoft is very excited to see Verizon Wireless make such a bold move to satisfy the demands of wireless consumers". Android must be paying attention, even iPhone designers because it looks like Verizon announcement is an early Christmas present for Microsoft. Timing will be super interesting to follow. Verizon's network should be opening up about the same time Android platform handsets become available, in late 2008. What are then , your predictions for the 2008? Is Scoble wrong?

Microsoft and Google are playing hard in order to catch users and customers. I didn't know for example until yesterday about Windows Live Translator, neither the last Google updates on Google Mobile Maps. Once again, what are your predictions about Mobile Media for the 2008?

And before I go, I want to congratulate Hackosphere for being back, surely many of us are anxious to know what you have to say. Welcome back!

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